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Valuation from Images

Free: Receive a quick initial opinion from digital images.

Send us a handheld digital image, any history you have and sizes and we will provide you with our initial thoughts (values are subject to first-hand inspection).

Receive a Valuation

Valuations and Appraisal

  • We provide formal independent valuations and regular updates to ensure the valuation of your collection, particularly when the market moves dramatically in a short time period.

  • Whether you require a new or updated insurance valuation, or our valuations services for probate, gift or rental purposes, we will ensure you receive a reliable, professional and considered document.

  • We work with some of the most experienced and respected specialists/consultants in their fields. Clients who collect in specialist categories have access to expert consultants with unique knowledge and experience.

  • Additionally, we can provide clients with a bespoke art management system that records everything from illustrations, prices paid, insurance valuations and dates acquired to restoration, essays, invoices, provenance, literature and exhibition history.