Art Management

  • Tailored strategy
  • Independent advice
  • Regular Valuations
  • Market Analysis
  • Curatorial Scholarship
  • Representation
  • Impartiality
  • Conservation
  • International Consultants
  • Online Systems
  • Art Security

Bespoke and tailored to each collection, we provide:

  • Regular valuations, condition checking, fully researched tailored essays, advice on restoration, cleaning and framing, shipping, international loans, photography, picture hanging and lighting.

  • A secure art management system alongside in-depth, hard copy archival folders.

  • Access to established, independent and respected consultants in every field.

  • Specialist knowledge, extensive research, independent and impartial advice, and absolute discretion and trust.

  • Professional security consultants to limit risk and protect collections, whether private or institutional and open to the public.

  • Advice on exploring flexible tail-made financing solutions which can provide our clients with the ability to obtain a loan against their collection.