Sellers / Consignors

  • Experienced Specialist Advice
  • Timing & Market Conditions
  • Selling Choices & Options
  • Representing the Seller
  • Negotiating terms of Sale
  • Oversight on Pricing
  • Pre & Post Sale Logistics
  • Managing the entire Process

The art market is both complex and changeable; there are multiple ways to sell a work of art.

Since 2016, Grant Ford Ltd has managed and overseen a number of significant sales in many categories covering several centuries of creation and craftmanship. We provide both sellers and consignors with independent and impartial advice prior to making any decision relating to a sale.

Is auction the best route? Many consignors, trustees or families might assume that auction is the only route they have. However, consideration should be given to:

  • Analysis of the comparative costs of every option.

  • The potential of overexposure versus a carefully tailored private sale to a museum or avid collector.

  • There are certain works of art that have the auction magic and with the correct marketing and presentation there is no doubt that competition can generate incredible results. In this case, Grant Ford Ltd oversees every element of the auction process on behalf of its clients, including negotiating the best possible terms.

It is worth considering that a large percentage of art sales take place privately, particularly at the top end of the market.

Grant Ford Ltd allows clients to explore the many options available, including:

  • Sales with tax advantages and combined sale strategies for large consignments.

  • Providing specialist advice so that our clients receive the greatest possible net benefit from a sale.

Important Notice: Online Auctions

Many auction houses are using their digital platforms to sell works and in certain categories online auctions are the only option available to consignors. It is worth seeking our advice on your selling options prior to making any decision, as this may or may not be the best way to achieve the highest possible price; we provide alternative options.

Valuation from Images

Free: Receive a quick initial opinion from digital images.

Send us a handheld digital image, any history you have and sizes and we will provide you with our initial thoughts (values are subject to first-hand inspection).

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