Spotlight: Anthony Scott Anthony Scott was born in rural County Fermanagh in 1968. From a farming background, he was surrounded by horses, dogs and bulls which often feature in his work. Feeling a close affinity with them and the land, Scott incorporates inspiration from animals and his Irish roots. He believes that animals ‘possess a sense of timelessness, unaffected by changing fashions. They’ve appeared in art from the earliest cave paintings – I like to think I’m continuing this tradition.
Spotlight: Masoud Akhavanjam Akhavanjam was born in Tehran, Iran and was sent to boarding school in Marburg, Germany when he was fourteen. Alongside his studies at high school, he attended a sculpture class which ignited his loved of sculpture. In 1989, Akhavanjam moved to the United States to attend the George Washington University where he gained a degree in Biology in 1995 and subsequently in 2005 he received an Executive MBA degree from Kempten University of Applied Science in Germany.