In life, we grasp at happiness; glimpse clarity; and often find our inner selves through life's most severe trials. The hope, humanity and imagery that pull us through are paramount to me. These are qualities I try to capture in the life of each sculpture, along with the realisation that these moments change us, claim parts of us, make us and define who and what we are.
George Triggs

The fight between control and chaos is once again at the heart of Triggs’ interest in this finely wrought and balanced sculpture. The figure is midway through a fall, rooted to earth by such a small section of a tipped boot that she floats, almost supernaturally. Knees bent, arms flung back, head tilted, hair flung out, facial expression somewhere between ecstasy, acceptance and fear. To whom, or to what, does the figure surrender? The tilt of the chin upwards and the placid, yet uneasy, face lead us to intuit a higher power at work here. Everything about the figure’s posture suggests acceptance, rather than resistance, yet there is a sense that forces beyond her rational and physical control are overpowering the figure. The pirouette created by the slight overlapping of the feet’s tips root the work in uncertainty, while the smoothness and variability of the patina allow different plays of light which intensify the work’s central dynamism in a graceful, controlled fall. Is the figure surrendering life itself? Possibly. Yet something - some force - resists her total fall to earth and her entranced poise seems under a kind of control, even if this is not her own. Triggs in this thought-provoking work, has subtly used posture and poise to represent the ancient human battleground between chaos and order, fear and love.

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About the Artist

George Triggs was born in 1982 and studied sculpture at Yale College Wrexham, Camberwell College of Arts and The Art Academy London. He works today from his workshop and studio in Shropshire.

Triggs works in the figurative tradition, predominately in bronze but he also uses resins, interactive projection, glass, wax and plaster. He constantly challenges the boundaries of the materials he works with and confronts the traditional figurative format as he explores the human condition.

Triggs was a finalist in the V&A sculpture prize in 2007, shortlisted in the Threadneedle prize in 2009 and won the Founders’ Sculpture Prize in 2013. He was commissioned to create a life-size sculpture of a basketball player for the London Olympics in 2012 which was placed in Bath. In 2018, he received another public commission to create the Ifton Colliery Commemorative Sculpture which stands in the Miners’ Memorial Garden in Ifton. He has exhibited regularly in group and solo shows, including at the Cork Street Gallery and The Willow Gallery, Oswestry. His most recent solo show was at TM Lighting Gallery, London, in 2020.

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