Female Torso with Fred Baier Base, 2021

Artist: Tom Hiscocks

Hiscocks inspiration for his art comes from his interest in showing and revealing the layers of life and experience that makes a person an individual. He says, ‘We typically show the outside layer of our being which, although it may bear some of the physical signs of things we have experienced, will not reveal how we felt about the ways in which we have experienced ‘being’. The same thing can be experienced by different people in different ways. So it is the suggestion of what happens inside that interests me.’ He explores these ideas in his sculpture by ‘making most of my work in layers. I want my work to change as the angle of view changes, and as the context that they are placed in changes, in the same way that we can change according to our state of mind, and who we are with.’ He focuses on representing these ‘literal and metaphorical’ layers in his work, the aesthetic of which constantly changes depending on the perspective, viewpoint, setting and light.

Hiscocks feels constantly inspired and challenged in his work. He greatly esteems the age-old trade of craftsmanship, the process of creating and the acute attention to detail. ‘These values very much resonate with me and my work. Each of my sculptures goes through a number of stages – from traditional sculpting of the form, through the fabrication process, … [to be] all finished by hand.’

Hiscocks lives and works in Wiltshire. He spent the first few years of his working life with racehorses – as stable lad, assistant trainer and jockey, working in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA. At forty-five, he decided to change his career when he enrolled at The Slade summer school, and then embarked on a degree in Fine Art at The Cambridge Art School (The Ruskin Art School) where he was awarded the Fine Art Prize for his degree show. Having always drawn and painted, at Art School he became fascinated with sculpture, and began to use old and modern techniques to explore the idea of constancy and change. His work has since been exhibited in solo and shared exhibitions in the UK and Europe and appears in private and public collections in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

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